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What to Know about Permanent Eyeliner and Other Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyeliner Morristown

If you’ve been thinking about getting permanent eyeliner or other permanent makeup procedures, it’s good to learn what you can about it so you can make an informed decision. It’s the answer for a lot of people but not for everyone. For instance, those who have prior scarring from cold sores or herpes will have a difficult time of getting the permanent lip liner pigment to stay in the treated area.

Merci Beauty, a Morristown Permanent Makeup Clinic, enjoys helping customers and other to learn more about what they do. Here are a few other things to know about permanent eyeliner and other permanent makeup solutions. If you still have questions and are located near Morristown, feel free to give us a call.

Permanent Eyeliner, Is It Really Permanent?

Permanent makeup is a permanent micropigmentation of the skin. The pigment will never leave the skin but will fade some, see the next section below.

Permanent Eyeliner Touch-Ups

Once you have permanent eyeliner applied, you’ll need to get touch-ups a few times afterward. As the skin heals, it can change the shape of the eyeliner or look as if the eyeliner skips in small sections. These touch-ups ensure that the final results look perfect.

The color will also fade some over time. Permanent makeup is not ink like they use in tattooing. It’s a pigment made to blend with the skin tones of a person. As it fades, you’ll want to get touch-ups throughout the years but you shouldn’t need it that often.

Blending The Eyeliner

Some permanent makeup technicians can blend the permanent eyeliner to look more like eyeliner and eye makeup. This offers an either more natural or made up look than stark lines would.

Who Can Benefit From Permanent Makeup

  • Anyone wishing to make their face shape more symmetrical
  • Those who want to make their eyes look more open
  • Those with thinning eyebrows or missing eyebrows
  • People who need to make their lips look fuller
  • Anyone who wants to add color to their lips
  • Those who want to make their lips more symmetrical
  • Anyone who needs to make scars less noticeable
  • Those who’ve had surgery such as mastectomy
  • People with allergies to makeup
  • Anyone who doesn’t want their makeup to smear after swimming or working out
  • Those who wear glasses
  • Anyone tired of putting on makeup every day
  • People with medical conditions that make applying makeup difficult or impossible
  • People who’ve been through chemotherapy and lost their hair
  • People with alopecia or vitiligo

If you want to book an appointment with one of our permanent makeup specialists, please call 973-987-3300 or complete our online form.