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Microneedling collagen therapy

Are you thinking of doing something new and exciting with your appearance -- something that will make you catch eyes and feel absolutely confident? Then you need to come to Chatham's very own permanent makeup clinic, Merci Beauty. Our team of experts will help you enjoy a beautiful and new look that's guaranteed to last for upwards of a year.

One way that we can help to improve your look is with a microneedling. With this service, our permanent makeup experts will provide a tattoo-like fake eyebrow. Unlike tattoos, this brow sports a realistic look and it will last only about 6-12 months. So, this is a great service if you're looking to experiment with new looks for your eyebrows.

Another way that we can improve your look is with our lip enhancement service. This service also involves a semi-permanent tattoo process. The end result of this process is that you'll sport lips that appear fuller and more luscious. If you're ready to improve your look for months at a time, you need to call our Chatham permanent makeup experts today.

Microblading: The Secret to Perfect Eyebrows

Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than beautiful, sharp eyebrows can. Of course, being born with such brows is highly unlikely, sadly enough. Happily, though, you don't have to be blessed with good genes to enjoy stunning, confidence-infusing brows. After all, you can always call Merci Beauty and set up a microblading appointment.

A microblading is basically a semi-permanent tattoo-like procedure that gives you brows that look natural. This procedure, then, allows you to enjoy the eyebrows that are best for your features and that will last for many months. Yet, they are still impermanent enough that you have the freedom to change how they look should you ever get the urge to try out a new brow style.

Ask Our Chatham Permanent Makeup Specialists about Our Lip Enhancements

Right up there with your eyebrows are your lips in terms of the effect they can have on your overall appearance and even confidence. Any woman would love to sport full, bright lips that turn heads and drop jaws. Of course, most of us aren't so lucky to have such lips -- not without spending more than a few minutes fussing around with our lipstick.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the look of your lips, you need to give our experts a call today. We offer lip enhancement services that (much like our microblading) give you a natural and beautiful look with a semi-permanent tattoo-like procedure. Want to flaunt stunning lips without fussing around with your makeup? Then come to our makeup clinic!

Enjoy a Youthful Complexion thanks to our Microneedling Service

What good are stunning brows and lips if your face is lined with wrinkles? Wrinkles may speak of experience and maturity, but they're certainly not for everyone. If you're the kind of person who would rather have fewer wrinkles than more, then you need to come to our Chatham permanent makeup clinic for a microneedling.

What a microneedling does is trick your skin into thinking it's being damaged. By "repairing" this supposed damage, your skin will actually naturally fill in any wrinkles in your face. So, this procedure will help you enjoy a smooth, youthful complexion through natural means, helping you to look many years younger and to feel your best!

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