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When you find yourself feeling less than satisfied with your general appearance, you need to make an appointment to come to Merci Beauty. Our Morris Plains permanent makeup clinic will provide you with a great new look that you'll be able to enjoy for many years to come thanks to the tattoo-like application process.

Whether you're looking to get an updated, long-lasting look for your eyebrows or lips, you can depend on our permanent makeup specialists to provide the work you need. We hire only experienced and certified professionals, so you can rest assured that you'll receive industry-standard service.

Among the services you'll enjoy are also microneedling services. This procedure will help you enjoy a fresh, younger-looking complexion by stimulating your natural collagen. Don't waste another minute looking and feeling less than your best. Instead, schedule an appointment with our Morris Plains permanent makeup clinic, and in no time, you'll look phenomenal!

Top-Quality Microblading in Morris Plains

Your eyebrows are a prominent feature that can do a lot to improve your appearance -- and just as much to hurt it. To ensure that your brows help you look your best, you might have to fuss around plucking them and waxing them and otherwise causing yourself all sorts of pain and discomfort on a weekly basis.

On the other hand, you might consider coming to us for an eyebrow microblading. Microblading will allow us to fashion authentic-looking brows that will require minimal upkeep yet will last for years. Don't fuss around with painful tweezing and all that mess. Instead, come to our Morris Plains clinic for our microblading service.

Stunning Lips thanks to our Lip Enhancement Service

Are you a busy professional? Then you are probably more or less always crunched for time. Unfortunately, as a busy professional, you are likely expected to maintain a certain aesthetic, which you can achieve by applying makeup. We say this is unfortunate since the process of putting on makeup can be a bit time-consuming -- which can be frustrating for busy professionals.

There is more fortunate news, though, and that news is lip enhancements. While this procedure can be used to give a fuller, more luscious lip, it can also be used to give you a permanent look like you're wearing lipstick. This will save you tons of time since you won't have to bother applying and reapplying lipstick throughout your busy day.

Look Younger with a Microneedling

Well, the years have come and gone . . . and gone . . . and gone. Sadly, your youthful complexion has likely started to go with them, leaving behind one that's becoming lined and wrinkled. Such a complexion can impact your confidence and self-image since you may not feel quite as old as those lines might indicate.

If you're tired of seeing those lines every time you look in the mirror, then you need to schedule an appointment at our Morris Plains permanent makeup clinic. We can remove many of these lines and wrinkles with our microneedling procedure. This procedure will cause your skin to naturally heal itself, leaving your complexion looking cleaner and more youthful.

Morris Plains, NJ

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