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When you find yourself yearning for a stunning new look that will turn heads and drop jaws, you need to come to the Short Hills permanent makeup clinic, Merci Beauty. Here, you can enjoy a variety of services such as microneedling, microblading, and lip enhancements, among others. Each of these services will give you a stunning new look that's guaranteed to last for months.

Yes, we said months. After all, our permanent makeup experts don't simply smear on oils, powders, and other temporary fixes for your appearance. They use a tattoo-like process that will keep you looking great for anywhere between 6 and 12 months before you need to get a touch-up. So, thanks to our microneedling and other services, you can pretty much set it and forget it where your appearance is concerned!

Don't spend another day feeling dissatisfied with your appearance. Instead, come to our Short Hills permanent makeup clinic today. We'll help you enjoy a fresh look that will last you for months on end thanks to our microneedling, microblading, and lip enhancement services. You'll leave Merci Beauty feeling confident and new, guaranteed!

Microblading Services in Short Hills

Eyebrows are one of those frustrating features that we can't seem to stop doting over. We want our brows to look great, but most of us aren't so fortunate to enjoy naturally beautiful eyebrows. The solution? Painful plucking and maintenance, unfortunately. Of course, that's not the ONLY solution you have when it comes to your eyebrows, nor is it the best.

After all, you can always get a microblading from our experienced specialists. This tattoo-like service will give you natural-looking false eyebrows that are tailor-made to complement your features. Requiring touch-ups only once every year, microblade eyebrows will help you enjoy the great look of stunning brows with virtually none of the hassle.

Enjoy Our Lip Enhancement Services

When it comes to our faces, we don't fret over just our eyebrows, do we? No, sometimes our attention wanders a bit further down than that -- to our lips. We all want full, luscious lips, of course . . . but we're not lucky enough to enjoy such lips. At least not without spending time spearing on lipstick in front of a mirror, we can't.

If you were not so fortunate to be born with naturally full lips, you don't need to spend so much time working to achieve a look of fullness. Instead, you can simply come to our Short Hills clinic for our lip enhancement service. We'll give you a long-lasting full look that will last for upwards of a year, requiring little to no maintenance in the meantime.

Smoother Skin thanks to Our Microneedling Services

It doesn't matter if you have the sharpest eyebrows or the fullest lips: If they are contrasted by skin that is lined with deep wrinkles, they will never help you achieve the kind of look you may be going for. Unfortunately, none of us can avoid the wrinkles that time brings. However, we can undo some of this damage. To do that, you can simply come to Merci Beauty.

Our Short Hills permanent makeup specialists can help you achieve a smooth, youthful appearance thanks to our microneedling service. This service tricks your skin into believing it's been damaged, initiating a repair that will help to fill in your wrinkles. In little time, you'll be enjoying smoother, more vibrant skin that will complement your beautiful new eyebrows and lips!

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