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Merci Beauty: Summit's Premier Permanent Makeup Clinic

Microneedling collagen therapy

Are you thinking of getting an update for your current look -- an update that is guaranteed to look fresh for months and months? Then you need to come to Summit's permanent makeup clinic, Merci Beauty. We offer some great services that will give your look a great update that's guaranteed to last for months before you need to get a touch-up.

One of these services is a microblading. A microblading will give your eyebrows a great new look that will last for upwards of a year before you need to get a touch-up. Our permanent makeup specialists will work with you to determine the best look for your new brows, ensuring that you get a look that will best complement your features.

We can use a similar process to help you enjoy fuller-looking lips. Our lip enhancement service will give you lipstick-quality lips that won't require any maintenance over the course of the years. Call our Summit permanent makeup specialists today to schedule an appointment to use any of our quality services.

Get Your Brows Looking Sharp with a Microblading

Your eyebrows can make or break your overall appearance. If you feel that your natural eyebrows do more to break than make how you look, you need to come to Merci Beauty for our microblading service. With a microblading, we'll work together to determine the kind of eyebrow design that will best complement your features.

Then, using a tattoo-like process, we'll apply that new design, giving you a false brow that looks natural. Since this process is semi-permanent, you can enjoy your new brows for many months to come before you need to get them touched up. This makes microblading a great service if you want to look great without putting in too much effort.

Lip Enhancements to Enhance Your Appearance

Your lips also do a lot to make or break your overall appearance. Of course, to really make you look your best, your lips should be full and luscious. Unfortunately, many of us are not born with such lips. This can leave you with a sense of dissatisfaction and then frustration as you spend much of your time artfully applying lipstick to emulate the look of full lips.

There is good news, though: You don't have to deal with the dissatisfaction or frustration anymore. Instead, you can come to our Summit permanent makeup clinic for our lip enhancement service. With this service, we'll use a tattoo-like process to give your lips a full look that will last for upwards of a year before you need to get a touch-up.

Your Summit Microneedling Experts

Have you begun to detect wrinkles on your face? Are these wrinkles becoming more and more pronounced over time? Are they becoming SO pronounced that you find yourself dealing with issues related to your confidence? If any of this is true, then you need to schedule an appointment at Merci Beauty today.

Our Summit permanent makeup experts will help to remove these wrinkles with a process known as microneedling. This service initiates a repair process within your skin, causing your wrinkles to be naturally filled in. In little time, you'll look years younger with a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Summit, NJ

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