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Permanent makeup on eyebrows

When you want to give your appearance a striking change, you need to come to the Tewksbury permanent makeup clinic, Merci Beauty. Our experienced staff offers a variety of services that will enhance your look. The best part: Since many of our services use a semi-permanent tattoo-like process, you'll enjoy your improved appearance for upwards of a year!

One such service we offer is a microblading. With a microblading, our permanent makeup specialists will provide realistic-looking eyebrows that will complement your natural features. Since these new brows are guaranteed to last you for months, you can enjoy your new look without having to deal with uncomfortable and time-consuming plucking.

Another such service you'll find at our Tewksbury clinic is lip enhancements. Your lips can do a lot for your appearance, especially if they are full and brightly colored. Many of us can achieve such lips only with the artful use of lipstick -- a time-consuming process, unfortunately. Fortunately, however, you can achieve the same look without the daily fuss thanks to our semi-permanent lip enhancements.

Microblading Services in Tewksbury

Are you unhappy with how your eyebrows naturally look? Do you get tired of plucking and fussing with them just to achieve a look that's more flattering to your features? Do you wish you could do something to get brows that sport the look you desire without all the daily headache? If so, you need to come to our Tewksbury permanent makeup specialists for a microblading.

Microblading is a tattoo-like process that allows us to give you a realistic-looking manufactured eyebrow. This made-up brow is guaranteed to last anywhere from 6 to 12 months before fading will begin to occur, so with this service, you can enjoy stunning, flattering eyebrows without having to deal with uncomfortable daily upkeep.

Lip Enhancements That Will Last for Months

Nothing makes you feel more confident than when you get your lipstick just right and you wind up with stunning, full-looking lips. Of course, we don't always have the kind of time or energy needed to achieve this level of lipstick mastery, meaning we won't always be able to enjoy the confidence boost that comes with beautifully applied lipstick.

There is good news, though: You can enjoy stunning, full, colorful lipstick every day of the year after one application. No, not a lipstick application: A lip enhancement! With this service, our Tewksbury specialists will provide a beautiful upgrade to your lips' natural look, helping to keep them looking stunning for months and months to come, guaranteed.

Enjoy a Youthful Complexion thanks to Our Microneedling Service

While sharp brows and full, colorful lips can go a long way toward making you look your best, you can't overlook the impact that your complexion can have on your overall appearance. Unfortunately, over time, your complexion is bound to become marred as it begins to age and be lined with wrinkles -- a process that none of us can avoid.

However, though you can't keep your skin from wrinkling, you CAN undo much of the wrinkling that will occur. How? Simple: by coming to our Tewksbury permanent makeup clinic for a microneedling. This service tricks your skin into thinking it's been damaged, prompting it to initiate a repair that will wind up filling in your wrinkles, making you look years younger in no time.

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