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In What Ways Can We Repair Your Areolas?

Areola restoration awareness

Whether you've dealt with breast cancer or an elective surgery, you might find yourself faced with the eyesore that is damaged areolas. If you are dealing with this problem, you may feel less than confident, especially when it comes to more intimate situations. No one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin, so you need to come to our permanent makeup specialists for an areola restoration.

With this service, we can get your damaged areolas looking natural and undamaged once more with a procedure that effectively emulates the look of natural areolas. You may have your doubts as to whether an areola restoration can TRULY get yours looking right once more, but rest assured: Our areola restoration will fix any issues that you may be dealing with in that area.


Surgery can do some serious damage with regard to the shape of your areola. Whether you need a mastectomy, a reduction, or a gender reassignment, you may wind up dealing with the problem of scarred, misshapen, or otherwise damaged areolas. This can leave that general area of your body looking a bit off, causing you to feel self-conscious.

Fortunately, shape is a feature that we are able to address with an areola restoration. Our accurate choice in pigmentation as well as our careful application will help to reshape your areola in a way that will leave it looking natural and symmetrical once more.


Areola size can be a problem, especially for people who have undergone a breast reduction or enlargement. One might come out of this procedure with areolas that look distinctly too large or too small in relation to the rest of their breast. Like the above-mentioned example, disproportionate areolas can cause you to feel self-conscious.

Also like the above-mentioned example, we're able to rectify this issue thanks to our areola restoration service. Whether yours are too big or too small, you can depend on us to blend them into the surrounding breast to create a more proportionate areola. You'll look better and feel better: We guarantee it!


Unlike the above-mentioned examples, issues with your areola color don't necessarily require surgery to occur. You might, instead, simply be born with an areola pigmentation that doesn't quite match up with the surrounding breast. Perhaps the areola is too light or too dark or simply just an unappealing shade.

Whatever the issue may be, you don't have to let it continue to be an issue for you. Instead, you can call us for an areola restoration. After all, this procedure is able to change the color of your areola. So, no matter what shade you would like yours to be, you can depend on us to help you enjoy that color and the confidence it will give you.

If you want to book an appointment with one of our permanent makeup specialists, please call 973-987-3300 or complete our online form.